Saturday, 21 Nov, 6:00 PM – 7:00 PM


Why are some leaders charismatic when they are on the stage? What makes us want to hold on to their every word? Is it about the way they are delivering their content? Body language and nonverbal communication can play a huge role in how impactful they sound when they are giving a speech or presentation. Join us as we discuss very specific strategies that all of us can use right away to add more punch to our style. Be it for speeches or even for a business presentation.If you are a business professional who needs to frequently make presentations to internal and external clients, then this webinar is for you!

Please note:

  • During the webinar we will be sharing tips on universal displays. What this means is, no matter what culture or country you belong to, these tips will be equally relevant for you!
  • We will be sharing notes post the session and soft copy of certificate of participation.
  • Sharing the recording of the webinar will not be possible.

If you are a trainer we have special programs and deals for you. Request you to check with us before booking your ticket.

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  • Body language tweaks for confident delivery
  • Connecting well with audience
  • Tweaking delivery as per situation


About the Trainer:

Bhavna Suleria is the Learning Facilitator at Simply Body Talk. She has 5 years of experience in teaching Organisational Psychology and Workplace Behaviour. She also has several research papers published in national and international journals in the field of human behavior. She has conducted training sessions for experienced officers of GST department SBI Life Insurance etc. on behalf of Simply Body Talk.

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