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Wednesday, 14 Oct @ 5 PM


As startups grow beyond their founding team, every new addition fundamentally impacts the team’s DNA, making it vital to have a strategic and systematic approach to hiring. Of all the hoops that startups have to jump through, finding the right talent is one of the toughest to crack. Our panelists have first hand experience in hiring for or building the culture within a startup. Tune in to hear them answer the vital questions of who/when/how to hire, generalist vs. specialist, equity vs. salary, and more!

Ankur Capital is dedicated to investing in innovative products & technologies that impact the lives of the next billion. With that focus in mind, we have been hosting a series called Ankur Capital Dialogues (ACD) with various thought leaders in the ecosystem.


Dr. Ritu Verma – Managing Partner, Ankur Capital
Mohit Dubey – Co-founder and CEO,; ex-CarWale
Roopa Kumar – Co-Founder and COO, Purple Quarter
Mekin Maheshwari – Founder,; ex-Flipkart

Webinar/Workshop organized by: Ankur Capital

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