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iSeekh is a platform that seeks to democratize knowledge. In an age when cheap information comes at high cost, we are a place where the insightful and impactful is no longer bound by exclusivity.

In the post-Covid world, new ‘events’ such as webinars, online workshops and other such digital efforts have helped many to learn, unlearn and relearn. These new engagements have singular advantages including their inherent interactive nature, location-independence, time-and-cost-effectiveness and safety. They are here to stay!

It takes dedicated effort to plan a good webinar/workshop, market it and then manage its execution. It can be disheartening when even great speakers and content draws a poor audience. Often this is because of viewer fatigue, which is a direct consequence of being unable to reach out to a larger audience.

How we help

Do you organize webinars, online workshops and other such events? Wouldn’t it be great if you were able to reach out to many more people across the world and create much larger impact? And do all this at a much lower overall cost and effort than running expensive marketing campaigns? Let iSeekh help expand your reach beyond your immediate network.

Good News! We are currently offering listings for FREE. 

How it works

Register with us by sending an email to with your organization and contact details, type of events and other information. We will provide you with an email id for you to share event details with us on an ongoing basis. Information can then be shared with us via the authorized email id. If you use a marketing email service, you may also add the email id provided by us to your mailing list. It so simple!

To get started, please send an email to or use the contact form below.

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