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Thursday, Jan 28 @ 11:30 PM


Today’s IT teams recognize that simply adding more hardware will not solve their scalability problems. Instead, they are adopting new architectural models that are scalable by design, and are deploying hardware and software to support those new architectural choices. Today’s data volumes pose significant challenges, but those challenges are not insurmountable — if you deploy the right kind of architecture.


– How distributed data models can keep up with today’s data columns and offer other benefits like resiliency, tunability, enhanced security and faster performance.
– Once you have made the decision to go with a distributed data model, why a NoSQL database like DataStax Enterprise is the next logical decision.
– How microservices architecture allows applications to scale while maintaining fast performance and reliability.
– How you can simplify microservices management and improve scalability.
– Why cloud-native applications are the best option for organizations with hybrid cloud and/or multi-cloud environments.


Peggy Bresnick Kendler
Contributing Editor in Information Week

Webinar/Workshop organized by: Information Week

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