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Wednesday, 04 Nov @ 6:30 PM


The Global Scar Society was formed to gain consensus for and promote best practice in the prevention and treatment of pathological scarring and to help direct future research. This webinar will discuss the current knowledge on the causes and risk factors for developing hypertrophic scars (HS) and keloid scars (KS), the best current surgical methods for preventing HS & KS, what adjunctive therapies are available for prevention and what therapies and techniques can be used for the treatment of HS & KS at different stages of their development. The webinar will illustrate current best practice through case presentations. In addition, there will be discussion around the direction of future research into new technologies for the prevention and treatment of scars. Scarring can cause physical and functional disability and may have a significant detrimental effect on patients’ quality of life, so it is important that clinicians bear in mind the impact of scarring on their patients. To this end, the webinar will also discuss the patients’ perceptions of scarring and the journey through their treatment.

Lastly, information will be presented on the mechanism of action and supporting clinical evidence for the use of silicone gel (KELO-COTE®) in the prevention and treatment of HS & KS. The webinar will conclude with questions and answers.


  • To gain an appreciation of the work of the Global Scar Society in developing guidelines and consensus documents on the prevention and treatment of abnormal & excessive scars.
  • To learn about the current best techniques and therapies for the prevention and treatment of abnormal & excessive scarring at different time points in the healing process.
  • To understand the importance of best practice in the prevention and treatment of abnormal & excessive scarring to the patient.


Former Head Plastic and Reconstructive Department (University Hospital Montpellier), President and Founding member of G-ScarS, Global Scar Society
As the former Head of the Department of Plastic Reconstructive Surgery, Burns and Wound Healing at the University Hospital Montpellier, Dr Luc Téot is one of the most reputed French experts in plastic surgery. Training in Paris and Montreal, he originally qualified as a specialist in General Surgery in 1986, he then went on to become a qualified specialist in Orthopedics and Traumatology in 1988 and a qualified specialist in Plastic Surgery in 1991. He has continuously developed his experience in wound healing during the last 30 years to globally present best practices and procedures in the treatment of abnormal scars. Dr Téot is also a founding member and President of the French Wound Healing Society, the Academy of Wound Technology, and the G-Scars (formerly Scar Club), he also shares his vast knowledge as the Editor in Chief of the Compendium on Scar management. Throughout his career, Dr Téot has published over 150 articles in international publications such as Lancet, Diabetes and JID, coordinated 7 books and contributed a further 16 book chapters.

Webinar/Workshop organized by: Labroots

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