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Wednesday, 24 Feb @ 9:30 PM


Events over the past year have underscored the essential need to rapidly develop safe and effective vaccines. To best serve public health needs and at-risk populations, manufacturers are constantly in search of technology that can speed-up their workflows. When producing a quality vaccine, all manufacturers must confirm the purity, as well as the stability of their formulation and final product. Sample quantity and measurement time are often the throughput bottlenecks encountered during the process. In this GEN webinar, we will find out about an exciting protein characterization system that addresses many of the challenges researchers face during vaccine development projects. In addition to breaking down some of the crucial steps in the vaccine development and manufacturing process, we will also learn about key applications of microfluidic chip-capillary electrophoresis in vaccine process development.


Jeray Thelwell
Biotherapeutics Solutions Specialist

Webinar/Workshop organized by: GEN

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