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Wednesday, 22 Jul, 9:30 PM – 10:30 PM


High-performance, data-centric systems—and the applications that run on them—are hot. Literally. I.e., they put out and burn up a lot of power and thermal energy. Find out how to analyze where and why they do it … and how to mitigate it.

Intel® System Studio offers a lot of versatility for a lot of developers—from those focused on device manufacturing to system integration to IoT app development.

This webinar looks at system and application power and thermal analysis using Intel® SoC Watch, which is included in the tool suite.


How to achieve maximum performance in a given power budget
Quickly analyzing thermal throttling-induced performance slowdown
Analyzing workload impact on system thermals
How to optimize system and platform design
Optimizing for maximum possible system load without triggering temperature and thermal limits
Analyzing energy footprint for various compute sub-systems in a heterogeneous configuration
Monitoring system/component energy data and temperature metrics


Joel Lin, Software Technical Consulting Engineer, Intel Corporation

Webinar/Workshop organized by: Intel

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