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Friday, 08 Jan @ 6:00 PM


Our world will transform more in this century than in all of human history driven largely by three forces–new technologies, changing ideas and beliefs, and the repercussions of our horrific impact on the planet.

Ravi Venkatesan discusses his learning and experiences as we face the consequences of a pandemic and an urgent need to adapt and survive. Much of the change is the unfolding consequences of the catastrophic impact that humans have had on the planet, resulting in multiple crises.

Join Mr. Venkatesan as he shares his thoughts on the urgent need to be the change and taking the reins of the life we want in our hands.


Ravi Venkatesan is the founder of the Global Alliance for Mass Entrepreneurship (GAME) and UNICEF’s Special Representative for Young People and Innovation.Ravi is a former Chairman of the Bank of Baroda where he oversaw the turnaround of India’s second largest public sector bank. He is also the author of an acclaimed book “Conquering the Chaos: Win in India, Win Everywhere” published by Harvard Business Review.

Webinar/Workshop organized by: TEDxGateway

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