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Saturday, Jan 23 @ 3:00 PM


Timing the market is crucial for intraday traders. Taking a position at the wrong time can be the difference between profits and loss.

Many new investors believe that intraday trading is an action-packed way of investing in stocks. However, most successful day traders will tell you that intraday trading is only 10% action.

In this webinar I will give discuss Intraday trading, using daily volatility, and sd1 strategy setups on which I’m working in the share market.

Objective of the Webinar

1 SD1 high probability trade setup
2 mitigating risk, with hedge
3 minimum investment, good risk to reward ratio
4 easy to learn, understand and implement
5 even if carried forward no fear of overnight uncertainty


– Market structure
– How biggies trade
– Simple hedge
– What to learn
– Live implementation


Guru – Alchemist (Trader/Trainer)
I am a Trader, Trainer, serial entrepreneur, and go-getter in what I do. I have been running a BPO since 1993 which was started with a PMRY loan (seed capital of 50000) and currently employs 100+ workers and has achieved a revenue of more than 12 Crores.

As a Trader/Trainer, I have trained more than 1200 students across India. I am an Authorised assistant in the Ring/Arena since 1991. My unique risk free trading strategies are backtested and vetted by many Analysts and critics. I am a practitioner of Fibonacci, Ichimoku, and Bollinger bands based trading system. These strategies combined with tactics give the students the massive edge to create sustainable income and wealth creation.

Webinar/Workshop organized by: ElearnMarkets

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