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Thursday, 28 Jan 7:30 PM


When it comes to building or updating your strategy for detecting threats to your business, it is important to know the direction you are headed in. Many Managed Detection and Response providers align themselves to a very short term strategy that would appear to solve all of your problems, when in fact what is needed is a more pragmatic approach that helps model out the different options you have for gaining visibility and also allowing for an understanding of the impact of limitations specific to your environment (for example a missing data or security event types). Join our Global Service Area Owner for Managed Detection and Response, Grant Paling, for an insight into how we developed the Orange Cyberdefense Threat Detection Framework to provide guidance to our customers and to build a strategic plan for improvements in security monitoring.


• Understand the different options for getting started with detection and response (including endpoint, log and network-based approaches).
• Learn how they differ and the pros and cons of different approaches.
• Find out how we model the impacts on visibility when choosing different approaches, and balance that out vs. the time to value
• See examples of where we’ve used the Threat Detection Framework to build business cases for expansion and to illustrate the impact caused by challenges from non-security parts of the business.
• Watch an attack simulation demonstrating why endpoint detection and response serves as a good starting point establishing a baseline for detecting threats

Webinar/Workshop organized by: OrangeCyberUK

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