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Thursday, Jan 21 @ 11:30 PM


For many years, enterprises built their application security strategies around vulnerability scanning and next-generation firewalls. But with the advent of DevOps, ShiftLeft, and many other application development tools and strategies, yesterday’s strategies will no longer work for the enterprises of the 2020s. In this webinar, experts offer a look at emerging technologies and trends in application development, and the role that security will play in tomorrow’s software development lifecycle. You’ll also get insight on how to detect and remediate vulnerabilities in off-the-shelf applications, and how to identify and root out vulnerabilities in open source code.


– How remote work has changed application development, and how security teams need to adapt
– How to find and track changes and vulnerabilities in open-source code libraries that may be lurking in your applications
– Techniques for working more effectively with dev teams, despite differing priorities and motivations


Brad Causey
CEO of Zero Day consulting

Stan Wisseman
Head Of North America CyberSecurity GTM CTO

Sara Peters
Senior Editor of Darking Reading

Webinar/Workshop organized by: Dark Reading

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