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Monday, Jun 15 @ 5 PM


We will be continuing discussion from session 5 on CNN. In session 6, CNN will be used for object detection.

In this session, we will be the object detection concepts and how to develop the solution from scratch. That code snippet will be provided to the audience before the session and hence they can actually study the code and follow it during the session.

We will be covering the following topics:
What is Object detection and its advantages
Use cases in the industry of Object detection
How CNN is used in Object Detection
Concepts of IOU, non max suppression, region proposals etc.
Actual use case building using Python for Object Detection


Object Detection: use cases and advantages
Various steps in Object detection using CNN
Data set discussion and Best practices to be followed
IoU, non max supression, region proposals
Shortlisting the best configuration


Vaibhav Verdhan, Principal Data Scientist, Johnson and Johnson Vision Care Ireland

Recommended for: Software engineers, Software Developer/ Programmer, Data analysts, data scientists


Webinar/Workshop organized by: TechGig

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