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Wednesday, July 08, 4:00 PM – 5:00 PM


The objective of this session is to de-clutter the AI development life-cycle and walk thru the steps needed to develop an AI algorithm using simple yet powerful tools like Azure ML platform. These platforms do not need even a single line of Python or R code, to develop basic machine learning models.

This session will help aspiring data scientists and leaders who are keen to understand the basic terminology of AI and how algorithms are developed in real-world. We will also adopt a step-by-step approach to evaluate an algorithm and to decide on the right algorithm with the right trade-offs.


This two-part series will cover Linear Regression and Logistics Regression algorithms. With these two algorithms, 80% of the real-world machine learning problems can be solved. This session will also help to understand more and appreciate the power and simplicity of these two algorithms.


Gopalan Oppiliappan Leader – AI Center of Excellence, Intel Corporation

Recommended for: All interested in AI


Webinar/Workshop organized by: NASSCOM

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