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Friday, 02 Oct @ 6:00 PM


Join India’s Largest Webinar Series for Women Leaders Who Are Breaking Barriers across the world!

Breaking Barriers is a series that focuses the spotlight on dazzling ideas from some of the world’s most extraordinary women! From standing up for social injustice to helping humanity reach Mars, women are breaking down walls and reaching great heights in fields of science, technology, education, business, medicine, and activism to name a few.

Disruption doesn’t create growth; growth creates disruption” We must look at disruption from a lens of growth and opportunities that can enable better prospects for the societies. This could be applied on a country level and as well as on an organisation level — perceiving disruptions as a means of flourishing and creating a culture within organisations that thrives with disruptive change.

Many institutions make “disruption” their goal, but we’ve been thinking about disruption backward, as something to be avoided rather than embraced. For Charlene Li, disruption creates opportunities for growth, and she will help us to look at pragmatic ways to embed disruption deeply into our strategy, leadership, and culture so that we grow exponentially during this uncertain time.

How can the state guarantee minimal disruption of public services and keep people safe at home or anywhere else? Building a true secure and inclusive digital society with location-independent and user-centric services is the long-term thinking, and the people are ready for it. Anna Piperal, Estonia’s e-Governance expert is going to shed light on how to design a digital society that will withstand any crisis and keep people safe.


Charlene Li – Bestselling Author
Anna Piperal – e-Governance expert
Ralph Simon – Founder, Mobilium Global

Webinar/Workshop organized by: TEDx

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