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Friday, 23 Oct @ 6:00 PM


Over the past few decades, power was defined by control of the high seas, natural resources, or nuclear weapons. Today, power is control of the technology systems that shape societies. In much of the world, two models are vying for supremacy: authoritarian systems that exploit data to facilitate government surveillance, and a corporate model in which private data is exploited to turn a profit.

However, both of these approaches have profound, negative consequences for individuals as well as society. Dr. Tomicah Tillemann brings forth a third model that is grown out of pioneering work by a handful of governments — including India. It is a system showcasing how changing the way the digital systems are developed could reshape the way democratic societies overcome the challenges and opportunities of the 21st century.

Why Should You Attend?

Join Dr. Tilleman as he sheds light on a revolutionary new strategy for how democracies can reimagine the foundational technology systems that power our countries and create a new model for how governments, citizens, and information come together in a digital world. It is a newfound way of thinking about how technology is harnessed with vast implications for government, the private sector, and civil society



 Dr. Tomicah Tillemann

Director And Technologist , New America

Webinar/Workshop organized by: TEDxGateway

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