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Tuesday, 02 Feb @ 9:30 PM


Test data “provisioning” is lagging far behind the sophistication of today’s systems. Development has shifted to containerisation and microservices, rapidly ripping out and replacing reusable components. Testers must also rapidly rip-and-replace versioned components in their environments, while retaining complex data relationships between shifting technologies. The deployed data must furthermore be diverse, compliant and compact, fulfilling all positive and negative scenarios in the shortest test runs possible.

Sound like an impossible requirement? While it is, if you rely on making costly physical copies of low-variety production data. “Test data management” instead needs to embrace the world of containers and APIs, along with the pipelines that enable developers to deliver so rapidly. We need a new approach to testing massively complex systems in short sprints.


1. Test Data Automation provides complete and compliant data on demand, delivering test-ready data that is masked and enhanced with synthetic data.
2. Parallel test teams and frameworks leverage fresh containers, without slow data provisioning or complex configuration.
3. Organisations regain full visibility and control over test data, while enjoying the added affordability of database virtualisation.

Webinar/Workshop organized by: Curiosity software Ireland

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