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Wednesday, 06 Jan @ 5:30 PM


The aim of this webinar to create a dialogue with experts working in the field on how to do health systems research that better meets the needs of people with disabilities.The webinar will include short five-minute presentations from a range of experts on their work on health systems and disability in fragile and shock-prone settings. This will be followed by a panel discussion where we will explore some of the challenges and entry points to doing health systems research that better meets the needs of people with disabilities.


  • Why is work on disability and health systems so often siloed?
  • Are there any particular challenges in working on disabilities in fragile and shock-prone settings?
  • What would you like a consortium like ReBUILD for Resilience to do differently and what is the best practice that we should be following?



  • Kyu Kyu Than (Chair) – Burnet Institute, Myanmar

  • Joanna Raven – Liverpool School of Tropical Medicine, UK

  • Hannah Kuper – London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine, UK

  • Nukhba Zia – Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health, USA

  • AÏcha Benyaich – International Committee of the Red Cross, Lebanon

  • Deepak Raj Sapkota – Karuna Foundation, Nepal

  • Laura Dean – Liverpool School of Tropical Medicine, UK

  • Janet Price – Activist, scholar, Dadafest, honorary research fellow at LSTM

Webinar/Workshop organized by: ReBuild Consortium

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