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Wednesday, Jan 20 @ 11:30 PM


Skin antisepsis and hair removal continue to be relevant topics that are important to patient outcomes and a successful bundled approach to reduce Hospital-acquired infections in the surgical space.


– Learners will be able to identify the evolution of antisepsis and the impact in healthcare.
– Identify the differences between intrinsic and extrinsic antiseptic contamination and the link to Hospital-acquired infections.
– Discuss recent advancements in the sterilization of antiseptic solutions and the importance of quality assurance measures.
– Recognize the importance of surgical clipping vs. shaving to minimize the risk of creating micro-abrasions that allow skin-dwelling microorganisms to collect and potentially cause  infection.
– Identify current and trending methods for surgical clipping hair clean up and potential cross-contamination risks.
– Discuss the importance and location significance of capturing airborne dispersal of hair for the surgical clip prior to the surgical procedure outside of the Operating room suite.


Lena Pearson 
Lena Pearson is a Medical Science Liaison for Becton Dickinson’s Infection Prevention division of Medical Affairs. She is a specialist in skin antiseptics, prepping techniques, surgical/vascular process improvement and standardization.

Lena is accountable for the exchange of unbiased information with the healthcare community as a subject matter expert. Since joining BD, Lena has been a fundamental link between science, sales, and the healthcare community by providing evidence-based data with a procedural focus to standardization in which she has published articles. She is accountable for researching protocols and surgical process standards for quality improvement.

Webinar/Workshop organized by: APIC’s Education Committee

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