Tuesday, 18 Aug, 11:30 AM – 12:30 PM


All business have to move online sooner or later but with the pandemic, they have to move at a much faster pace.

How to make sure the experience your website, mobile app or ticketing systems provides to customers is consistently fast and enjoyable no matter what network condition or device they have?

How to prevent yourself falling victim to cyber attacks and eventually losing your customer’s trust?


Internet traffic insights during the epidemic period
How to ensuring consistent user experiences across different types of devices and network connections, dynamically adapting to changes in content, user behaviour, or connectivity.
How DDoS attack affects your business? How to protect yourself from these attacks?
What are bots? How they affect your business? How to deal with bots?
What we can do to prevent website crashes from high traffic for eCommerce, Ticketing, e-Learning and public sector service
Why a virtual waiting rooms can enhance customer acquisition and retention?
How to provide real-time information and communication for customers, including the reason for wait, position in line, number of others waiting, and Chatbot.


Experts from Akamai

Webinar/Workshop organized by: Master Concept/Akamai/Queue-IT

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