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Thursday, 28 Jan, 2:30 PM – 5:30 PM

Friday, 29 Jan, 2:30 PM – 5:30 PM


By 2040, 54% of new car sales and 33% of the global car fleet is predicted to be electric.1 More than six countries have announced a ban on internal-combustion engines. China is expected to be the largest market for electrical vehicles (EVs), which is pushing automakers to come up with aggressive rollout plans for EVs.

The electric vehicle market in India is getting ready for stronger growth. More than 200 existing and startup EV manufacturers have started production into the fast lane to keep up with the rapidly growing demand for electrified mobility. As demand increases, established and startup automotive manufacturers need to quickly ramp up EV production and reduce manufacturing costs to take advantage. EV manufacturing, however, presents unique challenges to automotive companies needing to survive the present and win in the future of mobility. Several challenges that need to be addressed are from a technology point of view. The range anxiety and charging time are still considered as a hurdle in adoption. Battery reliability and life are still the factors that worry the OEMs. By leveraging cutting edge manufacturing automation and design simulation of both product and production, manufacturers can take design and validate assembly processes and entire facilities to the next level, improving quality and accelerating the ramp-up to volume production. However, for India, the success of EVs will be largely determined by the ability to localize the design and production of EV powertrain, components, and setting up next-generation infrastructure facilities.

The prosperity in this segment is largely driven by the ability of manufacturers to come up with next-generation vehicles by ensuring the best in class performance and reliability over the others keeping them cost-competitive. To achieve the right balance of these attributes requires designing and manufacturing the electric drivetrain components that perfectly fit requirements and operational attributes corresponding to the Indian driving scenario.

Engineering simulation is one of the key factors in designing the next generation of vehicles. Multiple OEMs and startups are investing time and resources into mastering the shift from ICEs to EVs. Companies that can turn the combination of EV performance, range, and durability into commercial success will increasingly dominate the competition. This complexity would be impossible to master without advanced simulation processes in place to drive the sizing, shape, and performance tradeoffs that result in a successful EV product. While computer simulation has been used by conventional automakers for some time, the latest methodologies available now are a perfect match for EV design.

This virtual summit will try to uncover some of the advances in electric vehicle design and production using simulation solutions. Industry leaders and technology enablers will try to bring out various challenges in self-reliance for Indian electric vehicle development and how simulation-driven design and development help to counter them.

Key Highlights
–  EV Manufacturing Meet: Manufacturing leaders will gather in these sessions to discuss the most important market disruptors of the last year and what they expect in years to come, highlight top trends in the market, business, and technology
–  EV Design & Simsol ( Simulation Solutions ) Tech Talk: Join key industry technology experts and OEM’s as they take the speaker stage for interactive panel discussions to provide roundtable analysis from a variety of angles, topics parenting to EV designing and simulation followed by Q&As
–  Technical Presentations: Tune into technical talks that delve into new trends in EV manufacturing and simulation-driven design technologies and their implications. These sessions will explore multiple aspects of R&D & Production Management.

Why Attend?

– Most engaging and relevant business event

– Get a high concentrated dose of inspiration and insights from industry and cross-industry leaders

– The only event that captures consumer behavior as well as market trends
– An event that leaves you with new tools, new thoughts and expands your thinking cap
– A fuel to get you started and bring your teams to normalcy
– Explore how our current, upcoming, and planned innovations help companies deliver safe, reliable, and sustainable energy products and servicesUnlock new business value with digital – technology & jump-start your transition to an intelligent enterprise A day with advanced, pre-scheduled, virtual networking with business partners


– A Deeper Look at Indian EV Manufacturing Sector
– Identifying Step By Step Manufacturing & Supply Chain Capabilities in India
– Understanding the Environment for EV Manufacturing Growth
– Solving Electric Vehicle Production Challenges with Simulation Driven Designing
– Identifying Key Partners for Collaboration
– Figuring out Atmanirbhar Bharat initiative aim to open fresh opportunities in India’s EV industry
– Digital twin approach in electric vehicle production.
– Importance Of Lightweight Designs and Materials in EV Manufacturing
– EV Platforms for Supply Chain Optimization

Day 1

02:30 PM Opening Remark

02:40 PM Knowledge Presentation on India’s EV Manufacturing RoadMap: Vehicle & Component Wise

02:55 PM Techno-commercial Presentation 1

03:10 PM Panel Discussion: EV Manufacturing in India: Opportunities & Challenges

03:55 PM Q&A With The Audience


02:30 PM Opening Remark

02:40 PM Knowledge Presentation on: Mapping and streamlining the process of product design and creation through effective product lifecycle management (PLM): A coordinated relationships between OEMs, partners, suppliers and customers, in order to reduce product de

02:55 PM Techno Commercial Presentation 3

03:10 PM Panel Discussion: EV Design, Architecture & Integration (Power Train & Vehicle Body)

03:55 PM Q& A With The Audience

04:05 PM Learning Simulation:Generative Design for Future Vehicle Development and Systems Thinking for the Design of Complex Products

04:20 PM Techno Commercial Presentation 4

04:35 PM Panel Discussion: System Modeling & Simulation Tech Talk


 Shri Anil Srivastava
Fmr. Principal Consultant & Mission Director

Sohinder Singh Gill
DG, SMEV CEO, Hero Electric Vehicles Pvt. Ltd.

Abhilash Savidhan
Automotive Professional, Clean Energy and Mobility Enthusiast

Dev Ashish Aneja
AVP & Sector Lead of Auto & EV Invest India

S. A. Sundaresan
Vice President of eMobility Technology, Ashok Leyland

Aniruddha Mysore Srinath
Associate Director, Manufacturing, Ola Electric Mobility Pvt. Ltd.

Nishant DK
He is one of the earliest members of team Ather Energy, a pioneering start-up in the Electric Vehicle and Charging Infrastructure space, He currently head Business Development for Charging Infrastructure and Energy Storage verticals and additionally, head the Government Relations for the company.

Samir Yajnik
Executive Director, Electra EV

Preetesh Singh
Senior Consultant, Automotive Industrial Consulting Group

Yogesh Umbarkar
Vice President – Asia Ricardo

Subhabrata Ghosh
Plant Business Head Meritor

Javind Feroz
GM EV R&D, EV Drive Train Automotive

Irfan Khan
Founder & CEO, eBikeGO

Prakash Bhootra
Founder & Director, EV Techo Electra Motors Pvt. Ltd.

Rahul Shonak
COO, Nexzu Mobility

Webinar/Workshop organized by: eBikeGo

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