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Sunday, 16 Aug – Thursday, 20 Aug, 11:00 AM – 1:05 PM


Global Triumph Foundation, a leading global, insight driven Market Research Company. The Market Research Company has the state-of-the-art facilities and over a decade of experience in handling research projects of every size and scale making it the preferred researcher for leading companies.We are organizing a Faculty Development Programme (FDP) : Fundamental of Research Methodology: SPSS.
Data analysis is very important today for all professionals. In today’s world abundance of information is available, so it is huge burden on decision maker to make information meaningful and useful. This can further improve the decisions of the makers. It has been found that there is gap in collecting data and understanding of using information and its application. Fortunately, now-a-days software packages are available that allow one to analyse data in more efficient and user friendly way.
Objectives :
This program will help participant to get acquainted with one of the widely accepted and used package SPSS (acronym for Statistical package for the Social Science).


Introduction to data analysis
Basic features of SPSS
Preparation of SPSS data set
Measurement scale of variables
Data management
Data Analysis
Descriptive Statistics
Graph and Charts: Bar, Histogram and pie
Frequency, histogram, normal curve
Testing of hypothesis
Non Parametric
Correlation and Regression Analysis
Two variable Regression
Multiple Regression and
Logistic Regression
Discriminant analysis
Factor analysis
Cluster analysis


Global Triumph Foundation

Recommended for: All those who deal with data analysis will benefit most from the program. Thus, the program will be useful for:
Academicians, Researchers
Management Students & Research Scholars
Executive handling Business Analytics and/or Research
Business Analysis/Managers at various decision making levels

Webinar/Workshop organized by: Global Triumph Foundation

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