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Saturday, 12 Sep @ 6 PM


We care about our health. And we care about our children’s health. As a society, we spend enormous amounts of money on health. And yet, we are not as healthy as we should be, and we know this. Why? And what can we do about this? We can make health “our lane”. We can demand the health of all public and private institutions. And, most of all we can change the conversation about health once and for all.

More and more countries are investing in better healthcare to look after the sick population but fundamentally we do not want people to get sick, to begin with. We can do that by creating stable housing, fair wages, gender equity, limiting violence, clean air, freshwater. But doctors and nurses do not see this as their job. But it is our job. It is our lane.

Doctors, nurses, and all health professionals need to embrace their responsibility as the voice of health, to embrace a role in speaking for the forces around us that generate health. This is a departure from our traditional role, but a forward-looking approach to thinking about the role of medicine in the coming decades.

Why should you attend this Webinar?
This webinar is about what we need to talk about when we talk about health. it is about how our health is not really about medicines, but about safe housing, good schools, liveable wages, gender equity, clean air, drinkable water, a fair economy. But it is also, and most importantly, about how health care professionals—doctors, nurses-medical students—can play a critical role in creating such a world, fulfilling their responsibility to create a healthier world.


Ralph Simon – Founder, Mobilium Global
Sandro Galea – Dean, Boston University

Webinar/Workshop organized by: TEDx

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