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Saturday, 16 Jan @ 9:30 AM


Advance your career through GCCC certifications: Exams to be held in India in February 2021
IABC’s Global Communication Certification Council (GCCC) examinations will be held across multiple cities in India on February 27, 2021 across Bangalore, Delhi, and Mumbai. For those seeking the Communication Management Professional (CMP®) or Strategic Communication Management Professional (SCMP®) certification, now is the time to apply.

Join the webinar to hear from Sia Papageorgiou, FRSA, SCMP, Australia — known for her work in helping communication professionals amplify their impact and become trusted, strategic, and in-demand advisors — on why to apply for CMP and SCMP, the certification process and exam preparation. Kristy Christy, IABC APAC Chair, will share her experience of becoming SCMP certified and IABC Fellow Dr. Col. Rajeev Kumar will provide valuable tips and guidance for aspirants. Register now to join the webinar, ask questions and get clarified about professional certifications from IABC that you must consider to advance your career.

Webinar/Workshop organized by: IABC Asia -Pacific

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