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Wednesday, Oct 28 @ 5:30 PM


In September, The Takshashila Institution proposed a COVID-19 vaccine deployment strategy for India to vaccinate 80% of its population by 31st December 2021.

On Wednesday, October 28th join us for a conversation with the authors on how India must vaccinate its people.

Vaccines save millions of lives each year. Vaccines work by training and preparing the body’s natural defences — the immune system— to recognize and fight off the viruses and bacteria they target.  If the body is exposed to those disease-causing germs later, the body is immediately ready to destroy them, preventing illness.  


Shambhavi Naik, Research Fellow, Takshashila Institution
Ameya Paleja, Intern, Takshashila Insitution
Mihir Mahajan, Adjunct Fellow, Takshashila Institution
Narayan Ramachandran, Co-founder, Takshashila Institution
Sunila Dixit, Research Analyst, Takshashila Institution
Rahul Matthan, Fellow, Takshashila Institution
Nitin Pai, Director, Takshashila Institution
Pranay Kotasthane, Head of Research, Takshashila Institution

Webinar/Workshop organized by:  Takshashila Institution

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