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Friday, 11 Dec @ 12:30 AM


Completing a research project in the digital humanities can feel like embarking on a triathlon. With a depth and breadth of content available to students, honing in on research questions, building a corpus, and analyzing content with advanced computational tools that can generate meaningful results can be a true test of endurance. In this webcast, you’ll hear three expert panelists discuss how to optimize teaching and learning in the digital humanities. Along with ways to prepare students for a future as a digital scholar in the humanities, here are some of the other topics they’ll be covering:


–  What are the challenges with teaching and learning in the digital humanities?
–  What are a few best practices when it comes to project-based learning?
–  How can you accurately assess teaching practices and student learning?


Presenters :  Emily Cox, Collections & Research Librarian for Humanities, Social Sciences, & Digital Media, NC State

                     Catherine Nichols, Ph.D., Advanced Lecturer in Cultural Anthropology and Museum Studies, Loyola University Chicago

                     Sarah Ketchley, Ph.D., Lecturer, University of Washington

Moderator :  Lindsey Gervais, Ph.D., Digital Learning Manager, Gale, a Cengage company

Webinar/Workshop organized by: Library Journal

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