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Wednesday, 28 Oct @ 4:30 PM


Growing a business online always relies on growing traffic to your website. While an SEO-focused content strategy is usually a sure-fire way to grow organic traffic, creating new content that ranks often feels like a hit-or-miss exercise that’s extremely time-consuming.


In this webinar, start-ups, agencies, inhouse SEO’s can learn how to rank for more keywords with less content by:

  • Using a Total Addressable Market Analysis for SEO to identify business opportunities,
  • Prioritize your content strategy using the ICE framework,
  • Automate falling traffic reporting and learn about Historical Optimization,
  • Identifying and prioritizing SEO tech debt fixes,
  • Work with non-SEO channels to expand your Total Addressable Market.

By the end of this session, you will be provided with the tools to be ruthlessly efficient at SEO resource allocation, allowing you to do more with less


1. Nik Ranger
2. Peter Mead
3. Victor Pan

Webinar/Workshop organized by: Semrush

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