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Wednesday, Dec 31 @ 3:30 AM


As a Product Manager, you will be working day and night in developing the best and most impactful products. However, you must strive to avoid major pitfalls and construct the process that best suits you, but most importantly, your product.


– Determine the business model, engagement model, and revenue model of any product
– Holistic view of metrics grouped into numerous categories
– Product Lifecycle Metrics
– Deep dive into metrics using engagement funnel


Sunethra Dhileepan
Sunethra is passionate about Product and Data. Currently, she is a Product Manager at PayPal. Prior to this, Sunethra was a Data Analyst at Bank of the West. In addition, she was also a Software Engineer at Dell EMC and at IBM. Sunethra derives meaningful insights from customer behavior data, identifies and measures the right metrics, provides actionable recommendations based on A/B experiments, and helps launch products that drive business impact. Moreover, she earned an M.S in Computer Science from the State University of New York at Buffalo.

Webinar/Workshop organized by: Product School

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