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Thursday, 05 Nov @ 6:30 AM


Due to the COVID pandemic, organizations across the industries have had a shift in their workforce from an at-work to an at-home location. This in turn,
meant that organizations had to adapt their security measures to accommodate new security requirements or ensure existing security requirements were being enforced. While some organizations were ready for this kind of shift and others had to adapt, cybercriminals
still find unique ways to commit cybercrime in one way or another. Regardless of the increase in cybercrime activity, big, medium, and small organizations are moving to more work at-home methods, whether temporary or long-term, to address health concerns and comply with social distancing. In effect, this is changing the threat landscape for the business environment while working remotely. This panel is to help gain perspective from various CISOs to share their thoughts about how working from home is changing the
business environment.


Diego Souza – Cummins,Inc.

Darran Rolls – CTO/CISO Advisory

Morey Haber – BeyondTrust

John Masserini – Millicom

Nibin Philip – Landry’s

Webinar/Workshop organized by: CSNP

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