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Sunday, 22 Nov @ 4:00 PM


Materials Required:

  1. Thick acrylic paper or canvas (size 12 by 16 inches)
  2. Brushes ( flat brush- size 8 or 10 and  round brush- 2 or 4 size)
  3. Acrylic paints ( tubes)
  4. Palette knife (only one diamond shaped palette knife is required- size doesn’t matter)


  1. We will be painting using an Impasto technique to make these thickly textured gorgeous three- dimensional roses.
  2. Impasto is a form of sculpture on a canvas.
  3. This will be a guided session, where you will learn to make strokes and learn techniques using a palette knife with acrylics on canvas.


Kamalrukh (@Kamalrukhgotla):

I am a Chartered Accountant by qualification but an artist by passion. I have studied courses in Sir J. J. School of Art and done a couple of exhibitions. I love teaching and am constantly experimenting and understanding various styles and combinations to create unique paintings. I have also taught nearly 2000 students across various platforms

Webinar/Workshop organized by: MadCap

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