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Friday, 11 Dec @ 5:00 PM


As the world’s largest democracy, India can lead from the world stage. Already, several CEOs around the world hail from India. In addition, the increasing availability and affordability of world-changing technologies now means that companies and individuals now have capabilities previously reserved only for what the national security functions of large nations could do during the historical Cold War. Such trends embody the GeoTech decade ahead – one where technologies and data transform nations and global geopolitics. India brings a lot of talent to these increasingly democratized technologies.

Why should you attend?

The trends present in the GeoTech Decade Ahead raise several questions both for India and the world. How do we uplift people, prosperity, and peace? How do we use these technologies without becoming a surveillance state? How do we ensure advances in tech and data bring together communities, uplift societies, and respect human rights and dignity? Join us as we discuss how India can step onto the world stage and be a leader in the GeoTech decade ahead for us all.


Dr. David A. Bray has served in a variety of leadership roles in turbulent environments, including bioterrorism preparedness and response from 2000-2005, time on the ground in Afghanistan in 2009, serving as Executive Director for a bipartisan National Commission on R&D, and providing leadership as a non-partisan federal agency Senior Executive. He has received both the Joint Civilian Service Commendation Award and the National Intelligence Exceptional Achievement Medal, and the global CIO 100 Award twice, both in 2015 and 2017 for his transformational leadership in change-adverse settings. 

Webinar/Workshop organized by: TedX

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