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Friday, 19 Jun, 5 PM – 6 PM


This is an era of unprecedented change for the insurance sector. New technologies, new customer expectations, new regulations, and new competitive pressures are rapidly disrupting the traditional insurance business model. In this environment, insurance organisations have no choice but to adapt.

Nearly 70 percent of insurers now believe that partnerships, and not just in-house efforts, will characterise the future of innovation for their organization.

Insurers are now increasingly focused on increasing insurance penetration in India by creating new distribution channels and driving product innovation. In fact, A New World of Opportunity: The Insurance Innovation Imperative found that 43 percent of insurance organisations have already developed partnerships with academics and other third parties. More than a third have developed innovation hubs or labs to ‘incubate’ new ideas for their organisation or group.

However, few insurers have yet to find a ‘winning formula’ for successful partnerships in the insurance sector. And, as a result, most are now looking for new approaches and new models that can help them drive building insurance for the ‘Bharat’ segment.

During the webinar, we would like to discuss Insurance for the Bharat Market and potential models for the same.


Dhyanesh Bhatt – CEO, Gramcover
Sorabh Bhandari – Founder Director, Riskcovry
Saras Agarwal – Principal, Bharat Fund

Webinar/Workshop organized by: Innocity by CIIE

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