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Monday, 18 Jan @ 5:30 PM


With the increase in population, the rate of urbanization is also increasing followed with which demand towards mobility as well. These days, with a wide range of options being available for any individual to travel from a point to point, the feasibility of Public Transportation systems has become more concerned & challenging and vulnerable. To fulfill this gap and attract commuters towards sustainable modes such as PT, integrating Intelligent Transportation System (ITS) in PT is considered to be one of the commendable steps with the wide range of technologies emerging in the market. Providing real-time information to commuters at Bus stops as well as updating from any part of the world can enhance the usability of these systems. With various alluring technologies, this can be one of the most interesting elements to discuss.This session focused on understanding the various technologies and methods in ITS that can enhance the usability of Public Transportation systems. And also to understand the major challenges integrating this.

Webinar/Workshop organized by: Urban Mass Transit Company Limited 

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