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Tuesday, 2 Feb @ 7:00 PM


It’s the year 2021; machines are becoming smarter, devices can communicate, and billions of text data is being created every day. Thanks to our current love affair with technology, our life has become a lot easier than it used to be.

As the technologies are evolving beyond their artificial constraints, every sector has started searching for new ways to take advantage. This has led to the development of new & super-intelligent systems that can replace or augment human services. One such example is the rise of ML Algorithms.

ML algorithms are being adopted by numerous industries at a rapid pace for predicting future outcomes based on past data. One industry that has been hopeful for this breakthrough is the health sector.

The predicting ability of ML algorithms has been a boon to the health industry, especially, when it comes to detecting serious ailments like Cancer. Yes, you heard right! In fact, many hospitals & clinics have started using ML algorithms for detecting both malignant & benign tumors. Considering its significance, for the 1st time, we have organized an exclusive live training on ML algorithm that can detect breast cancer – that too for FREE!! So join this training session to build & test an ML algorithm in real-time.


Breast cancer is one of the leading causes of death in women worldwide. However, predicting or detecting at an early stage can be a game-changer, but often presents several challenges to the health experts. To tackle this issue, doctors have started using ML algorithms that can predict it or detect it with high accuracy depending upon the previous data.

It will be more of an introductory section, wherein, the instructor will introduce you to the common challenges faced while developing such algorithms, the benefits, the role of data & the participants.


Dr. Darshan Ingle is an experienced Trainer and Professor with a demonstrated history of working in the corporate and education industry. He is a Data Science Expert with skills in Python, R, Data Analytics, Machine Learning, NLP, Deep Learning, TensorFlow, Statistics, Excel, Tableau, and Power BI.

With extensive working experience in ML and Deep Learning, Dr. Darshan is associated with various firms like IDOS Consultants LLP, Board Infinity and Lets Upgrade, MCTA for training working professionals and students. He has also conducted various ML workshops and mentored students for Data Science.

Apart from all this, he has succeeded in publishing two patents in reputed journals. Apart from this, he also has expertise in RPA UIPath. Currently, he is working as a Professor at Thadomal Shahani Engineering College & is also associated with B.K. Birla College, Kalyan as a Distinguished Visiting Faculty.

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