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Thursday, 9 Jul, 3:30 PM – 5:00 PM


With the shift toward the implementation of Machine Learning, it is natural to expect improvement in tools targeted at helping companies with ML. While Machine Learning has proved to help businesses, do they know how to get sustained benefit from the Machine Learning models?. How do we make sure the Machine Learning Models help us with increased productivity, reproducibility, adaptability, data security and usability?

Join us in the webinar on Machine Learning Governance to discuss in detail about the 3 Ws (What/Why/When) and the framework of Model Governance followed by an interactive Q&A!


  • What is Model Governance
  • Why we need to implement Model Governance
  • When to implement Model Governance in the ML Paradigm
  • Proposed Framework
  • Advantages and Challenges




Prajnajit Mohanty Chief Data Scientist, Ray Business Technologies

Jeevan Erukulla Senior Data Scientist, Ray Business Technologies

Recommended for: All interested in machine learning.


Webinar/Workshop organized by: NASSCOM

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