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Wednesday, 03 Feb @ 11:30 PM


Small and medium-sized businesses (SMBs) sometimes believe they are too small to be targeted by cyber attackers. In recent years, that idea has been debunked by a wide variety of attacks on SMBs, from simple malware to account takeover. Yet many SMBs cannot take advantage of enterprise security tools and services that are too expensive or complex for their small teams to manage. In this Dark Reading webinar, experts offer tips and recommendations for securing the smaller enterprise, and for implementing simple, affordable tools and best practices that make sense for resource-limited SMB.


1. Get an overview of the latest cyber threats posed to small and medium-sized businesses

2. Learn how your small or medium-sized business can employee enterprise-class defense strategies without a large team

3. Get tips on how to improve cybersecurity on a shoestring budget

4. Find out about free and low-cost open source tools

5. Learn how third-party service providers can help secure your business


1. Andrew Hay,COO,Lares.

2. Dave Gormley, Product Manager  Manager, Cisco

3. Tim Wilson, Editer in chief and co founder, Dark reading

Webinar/Workshop organized by: Dark reading

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