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Tuesday, 28 Jul @ 12:30 PM


SIEM is a security information and event management solution that has become a key part of any DevSecOps strategy. SIEM enables you to analyze security events and create visual reports that help you and your team understand and finetune security on your websites, apps, data, and API endpoints. Now, many companies rely on our Edge security solutions to inject Akamai-as-data into their SIEM solution.

In this webinar, we’ll discuss the benefits of SIEM – especially with the increased use of APIs to communicate with various services. We’ll show you how to send data from Kona Site Defender, Web Application Protector, or Bot Manager to send security events generated on the Akamai platform to your SIEM and security events from other sources. We’ll also walk you through common use cases for SIEM and demonstrate how you can inject Akamai-as-code into your SIEM to mitigate security threats.


– Learn how to leverage data to improve your security
– Explore the SIEM API within Postman
– Watch a demo of how to start analyzing security events with the SIEM integration


Mike Elissen, Developer Advocate, Akamai Technologies
Ajay Mishra, Director of Security Technology and Strategy, Akamai Technologies

Webinar/Workshop organized by: Akamai DEVELOPER

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