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Friday, 27 Nov @ 6:00 PM


Since times immemorial, the civilisation held the arts to be the core language for humanising. Education, mores, ethics, and our place in the cosmos, were all taught through the arts–stories, songs, sculpture, dance, and more. Over the last fifty years, the arts has been relegated as an extracurricular, to be axed from life as soon as more pivotal issues in academia loom. Join us in this mission to re-inculcate arts to the core of education.

Why should you attend?

Amidst this pandemic, with more time on hand, people have realised the symbolism and meaning of the various forms of artistry such as poetry, dance and storytelling. Join Mallika Sarabhai as she makes the audience ponder over the importance of the arts and reassess its significance. Tune in to evoke thought provoking questions such as what it is that we value more than the brand managers had us believe.


Sonam Kalra : Singer & composer

Mallika Sarabhai

She has been one of India’s leading choreographers and dancers for over four decades. In constant demand as a soloist and with her own dance company, Darpana, she has been creating and performing both classical and contemporary works. She has also produced over 3000 hours of television work talking of issues of the environment, women, communal harmony and violence, using the most popular genres of TV. She has a Ph.D. in Organisational Behaviour and has been honorary Director of Darpana Academy of Performing Arts for 40 years.

Webinar/Workshop organized by: TedX

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