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Wednesday, 20 Jan @ 1:00 PM

Thursday, 21 Jan @ 1:00 PM

Friday, 22 Jan @ 1:00 PM


The course has been designed to equip participants with powerful Finance-based report generation capabilities, auto-consolidation techniques, search and find capabilities using XLOOKUP, FILTER, LOOKUP, VLOOKUP, INDEX-MATCH, CHOOSE functions, and other Financial oriented functions, including creating User Defined Functions (a must for Finance people who wish to create their own particular Finance-based functions) and apply built-in date/time/financial tools, as well as text manipulation, with data validation and built-in user forms for easier data capture.  

The most notable feature of the workshop is the introduction of a simplified formula creation, with the capability to “fetch” named ranges from anywhere in the workbook, providing for faster, more elegant, and English-like formula creation, which in turn enables users to debug formulas of whatever complexity, and at the same time, enabling the tracing of formula precedents and dependencies.


Omar Abesamis

Recommended for: Everyone, Accounting, Finance

Webinar/Workshop organized by: GCSS

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