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Wednesday, 15 Jul @ 3 PM


In this evergrowing need to become Customer-centric, many product managers continue to build product features but tend to forget the customer needs. Heard of this too often?

I have too. Most of the times when the Products are built, the concepts of emapathizing with the customers/users are thought of, but as the work progresses, the Customer needs and pain points take a backseat and we PMs incline to build Products as if only we are going to use it.

Should we befriend our customers to know them well, or ask direct questions in Customer interviews so we know exactly what to built?

In this Webinar, let me share my thoughts, experiences and challenges with Customers while building products and being an entrepreneur.


Building relationship
Knowing what to build
Listening the untold story of the Customers
Should we visit customers often to know them? How often is too often?
Tools that can help


Anshita Sheelay, Product Manager IV, CDK Global

Webinar/Workshop organized by: TechGig

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