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Tuesday, 19 Aug @ 10:30 AM


All the viruses identified so far are only a small fraction of the virosphere across all forms of life on land, sea and air.

Some of the major questions are:

Where do these viruses exist?

Are they likely to move across species barriers?

Are they likely to cause pandemics?

Are there new techniques like high throughput sequencing combined with computational biology and integration of clinical and veterinary medicine that can help in answering the above questions?


The forthcoming webinar on “One Health” will trace the history of disease virology in this country (Jacob John), define new approaches to catch viruses before they move across species (Jonna Mazet) and set the stage for a potential Indian virome project (Shahid Jameel). We will also get an update on how our infectious disease colleagues in Africa are tackling such major challenges (Thumbi Ndung’u)

Given that all the recent epidemics worldwide are of zoonotic origin, i.e. they have breached species, this webinar is of enormous contemporary importance.

Shahid Jameel is a renowned virologist. Established the virology research group at the International Centre for Genetic Engineering and Biotechnology (ICGEB). Currently, the CEO of the DBT/Wellcome Trust India Alliance and has been appointed as the Director for the Trivedi School of Biosciences, Ashoka University.


Dr Jonna Mazet, USA
Dr Jacob John, India
Dr Thumbi Ndung’u, South Africa
Dr Sudhir Krishna, Moderator
Dr Shahid Jameel, Panelist
Dr Uma Ramakrishnan, Moderator

Webinar/Workshop organized by: Bangalore Life Science Cluster

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