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Sunday, Jan 03, 11:00 AM – 12:00 PM


We are conducting a ” Securities Markets’ Training Session” as an Investor Awareness Program ( Online under the aegis of SEBI – Investor Protection Education Fund) for the new and existing investors.
Inviting you and request to share the program in your contacts for enhancing your knowledge of the securities market.


Introduction to SEBI and Indian Securities Market (MIIs, Companies, and Investors)
– Regulatory Framework, MIIs, Stock Exchanges, Stock Brokers, Clearing Corporations, Companies, and Investors, etc
– Introduction to Primary Market and Secondary Market

– IPO, FPO, OFS, Preferential Issues, Rights Issue, Bonus Shares, Private Placements, etc.
– How to apply in Public Issue and ASBA?
– Pre-requisite and Due Diligence for buying/ selling shares in Securities Market

– Key Risks in Investing in Securities Market
– Market risk or Systematic Risk, Unsystematic Risk, Inflation risk, Liquidity risk, Business Risk, Volatility Risk, and Currency Risk, etc.
– Introduction to Mutual Funds; What is a Mutual Fund & ETFs? Why Mutual Fund?

– Open-Ended Funds, Closed-Ended Funds, Interval Funds, Debt/Equity/Hybrid Funds
– Rights of a Shareholder, Do’s and Don’ts
– Major Development and SEBI’s recent Investor Protection measures

– Introduction to Mutual Funds; What is a Mutual Fund? Why Mutual Fund?
– Open-Ended Funds, Closed-Ended Funds, Interval Funds, Debt/Equity/Hybrid Funds
– Do’s and Dont’s’ of buying/ selling shares in the securities market. Advice to Investors

– Investor Grievance Redressal – SCORES (SEBI Complaints Redressal System)
– Information/ Help Desk of SEBI
– How to Buy/ Sell Shares in Securities Market?

– Trading Mechanism, Market Types, Market Parameters, Types of Orders(Market, Limit, Stop Loss), Order Attributes and Matching
– Bulk Deal, Block Trade, Impact of Bonus Issue/ Stock Split/ Dividend on Price of Share
– Trading & Demat Account Opening Form

– Modes of Placing Orders to trade; Contract Note.
– How to settle buy and sell trade?
– Payment of Margins; Margin Pledge; Early Pay-in; Grievance Redressal
– Demat Account; BSDA; Services offered by Depositories; CAS


Ravi Huchchannavar
SEBI Empaneled Securities Markets Trainer
Mobile & WhatsApp: 9886702043
Gadag, Karnataka.

Webinar/Workshop organized by: Ravi Huchchannavar

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