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Tuesday, 21 Jul @ 5 PM


Since the introduction of Serverless Computing, there has been a big change in the way modern applications are built. At the same time, applying serverless concepts brought evolving ideas in the overall design & architecture of Enterprise Applications. While the focus is on functionality and operations when using Serverless, there is lot more to consider from an Architect’s perspective. Architects need to take care of the overall integrity of the solution keeping in mind the evolutionary behavior of Serverless world.

This session focuses on Architecture best practices and design patterns in addressing some of the challenges in implementing serverless based solutions.


Applying 12 Factor App Principles to Serverless
Serverless Design Patterns
Serverless Architecture Challenges & Best Practices


Senthil Kumar, Associate Vice President, Architecture & Technology, GlobalLogic India
Dayanand Ksheemakaari, Senior Solution Architect, GlobalLogic India

Webinar/Workshop organized by: TechGig

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