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Friday, 4 Sep, 5:30 PM – 7 PM


Agriculture and related activities is still the primary source of livelihoods for people across the world. Some of the primary commodities that they are involved in are milk, vegetables, fruits & flowers, fish, eggs etc. Many of these commodities have very limited shelf lives. In India itself, the reported food loss in the range of 30-40% because of lack of storage. It is estimated that India has a shortage in cold storage capacity of 12.5 million tonnes, which implies that the capacity needs to increase by almost 50% capacity to meet the current needs. Unfortunately, infrastructure suficiency is not the only challenge. More than 70% of existing capacity serves only potato produce, both in terms of capacity and specifications. Further, infrastructure is concentrated in very few states, and that too located near to the urban centers. This severely limits access to cold chain infrastructure for other produce, especially vegetables and fruits, and ones that are mostly grown by small and marginal farmers.

Inability to access appropriate storage infrastructure, along with other challenges, create unfavorable conditions for the farmers and rendering them helpless in front of middlemen and other corporates, as they are unable to demand a fair price for their produce. Doubling farm income is not a matter of empathy towards the marginalised, but that of social justice. The income and infrastructure disparity has been exposed by the current pandemic, emphasising the need to invest in productive rural infrastructure.

SELCO Foundation, in partnership with Bask Research, is introducing a 3 part webseries to discuss ‘Sustainable Energy for Cold Storage: Addressing Farm Crisis by creating Decentralised Productive Assets’. The series shall discuss implications of policy practices, share experience of practitioners working in agriculture value chains and scope innovation in technology and business models which seek to disrupt the current ecosystem in favour of small and marginal farmers.

Webinar/Workshop organized by: BASK Research Foundation/SELCO Foundation

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