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Tuesday, Jan 05 @ 10:30 PM


You’re invited to a Virtual Roundtable Discussion, co-hosted by the Office of Race Relations and Office of Social Justice. Join us on January 5th at 12:00 pm ET for this Free Webinar Event.These are just a few questions that our panelists will discuss in this hour-long webinar event. Join Melissa Stek, Viviana Cornejo and Andrew Oppong as they provide their insights and passionate voices to mobilize all into moving past talking into taking action.


– How do we move from just talking about racism to doing antiracism?
– Why is it so hard and contentious to move from talking about racism to doing antiracism?
– Why do people leave the fight or never join it in the first place?


 Melissa Stek is a Justice Mobilization Specialist for the Christian Reformed Church Office of Social Justice. Prior to her work with the CRC, she served as legislative staff to a member of congress in Washington, DC who was active in the fight for immigrant rights and racial justice. In her current role, she equips people of faith to understand systemic injustice and to do policy advocacy for and with their immigrant neighbors.

Viviana Cornejo is one of the members of the Race Relations Office. Her passion for racial justice is the engine that makes her research, write, present, and dialogue. Her work is with congregations and individuals who want to learn, grow, and engage in anti-racism work. Preparing new facilitators in different regions is another thing she is passionate about. Some of her hobbies are reading, music, camping, and being with her family.

Andrew Oppong serves as one of the Justice Mobilization Specialists for the Christian Reformed Church Office of Social Justice. In his role, he works with congregations and individuals to develop a deeper understanding of, and response to God’s call to let justice flow like a river in both our personal and communal lives, as well as in the structures of our societies. He enjoys networking and encouraging other justice-seekers as they take next steps on their justice journeys; particularly when it comes to racial justice, restorative justice and climate justice.

Webinar/Workshop organized by: CRC Office of Social Justice

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