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Wednesday, 22 Jul @ 3 PM


Digital product engineering plays a key role in augmenting the prospects of any business. It integrates strategic design, complex engineering, and vertical industry expertise to build meaningful and innovative products. GlobalLogic being a leader in digital product engineering services, helps its clients design and build innovative products, platforms, and digital experiences for the modern world. We help some of the leading brands across the world imagine whats possible, and accelerate their transition into tomorrows digital businesses. From the minute you wake up in the morning and check your email, to the end of the day when youre using technology to help you sleep at night: GlobalLogic touches every daily activity in ways that one might not realize.

This webinar is particularly designed to introduce you to the fundamentals of transforming into a true blue digital business. It will also strengthen your understanding about the evolution across various horizons of technology and how it does dovetail well with a digital organisation. By attending this webinar you will not just gain an overview of GlobalLogic, but also come face to face with the technology transformations we carry out for our partners. Learn about new nuances, verticalized expertise and new age technologies.

In addition, the webinar will focus on verticalized case studies talking about digital product engineerings increasing role in Insurtech space and how GlobalLogic is helping some of its global partners Insurity in carrying out their digital metamorphosis. This will include some of the challenges faced by the insurance industry and what kind of solution approach must be employed to minimize or nullify their impact on the business. We encourage top coding talent and innovators from all industries to join our webinar, especially those who follow digital product engineering space or the participants who registered for 30Hacks 2020.

Key points of discussion
Get to know about the micro-niche of Digital Product Engineering
Learn about strategic design, complex engineering, and vertical industry expertise
Fundamentals of transforming into a true blue digital business
What are the latest and greatest technologies on the block?
Why staying industry-agnostic helps an engineer?
How digital disruption has become the new normal for businesses worldwide?
Talk about current trends in InsureTech and how they are solving problems of the large carriers
Usage of new age technologies like: AI based solutions, IOT, Blockchain across verticals


Ashwani Nandini, Vice President, Engineering, GlobalLogic
Ranjit Nair, Director, Engineering, GlobalLogic

Recommended for: Developer, Insurance, Product

Webinar/Workshop organized by: TechGig

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