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Wednesday, Oct 21 @ 7:30 PM


For a long time, it could be argued that banking was among the least user-friendly industries. Banks kept rigid hours, investing money was complex and inconvenient, and the rules of lending were byzantine and incomprehensible to most. On the other hand, the increase in demand for good looking and user-friendly things is enormous.

Retail banks previously played a massive role in finance and in daily life, with customers going to bank branches to handle everyday finances, budgeting, and banking services. Today, many bank branches are made all-but-obsolete through digital apps and online service portals, giving customers faster and more convenient ways to access their banking. At the same time, the bank as we know it is far from dead, despite the decreased demand for face-to-face interaction.

Given how thoroughly and swiftly the financial services industry has changed in recent years. In the panel discussion, we want to compare and look at the ways in which Design is playing a role in banking

We will go over three verticals in this panel discussion:

Processes in design 
– Design team in general: Structure, what are the personality traits you are looking for in people, what are the skills required etc. 
– What’s your design journey? 
– How has your approach to design changed during corona – technology-wise and strategy-wise? 
– Where do you get inspiration?

Design in branding 
– What role plays design in brand building 
– How important is to create a Brand behind a product? 
– How can you increase brand recognition in the Fintech market with help of design? 
– Where are you trying to drive your Brand image to?

– Designing for fintech vs other industries 
– Standardization vs diversity in fintech/banking products 
– The role of design in your company


  • What to focus on to provide great UX
  • UX design do’s and don’s
  • The coronavirus impact on banking design processes
  • Design the end of cash
  • Trends in Financial UX, what will change now


Šimon Kočí
Head of partnerships Tapix – Moderator
Simon is fintech enthusiasts helping major banks with UX with payment data enrichment solution Tapix. Also fintech blogger
Ricky Lee
CEO @ Sync.
Experienced Product and Design Strategist, expertise in banking technology, cross-border FX payments, and mobile wallets. I have been conceiving, designing, and producing consumer products for over 20 years in all sectors.
Dilara Neutze
Design Director @ Klarna
Dilara is an internationally-trained Product Design Leader with 10 years of professional track record, with the last 7 years on building delightful products and experiences in global markets.
Andras Rung
UX Strategist for Banking and Fintech
A veteran of UX by having almost 20 years of experience. 
Robert Braileanu
Product Designer at Revolut
Startup professional thriving in fast-paced environments at the forefront of the decision-making process, with a wide range of skills encompassing multiple sides of a business. 

Webinar/Workshop organized by: Big Marker

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