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Tuesday, 15 Dec @ 12:30 AM 


Twenty years have passed since a new era in genomics began, initiated by the publication of the first draft of the human genome. Currently, DNA sequencing costs are plummeting, gene therapy is making a comeback, ethical boundaries are being pushed to the limit by gene editing and new technologies like single cell and transcriptomics are creating a new wave of genomic breakthroughs.

How far the field of genomics has come over the last 20 years is not in question. But where the state of genomics will (or should) go from here is a hot topic of discussion.

The National Human Genome Research Institute (NHGRI) has recently completed their 2020 strategic plan, the third of its kind. The vision for genomics, according to the authors, has never been clearer. The future, they say, lies in “responsible stewardship” and increasing diversity.

In Episode 7 of GEN Live, the last of 2020, we’ll look ahead into 2021 and beyond. We invite two experts in genomics from the NHGRI, and authors of the strategic plan, to discuss their process, how they chose a focus, and how their vision could be implemented. More broadly, we’ll discuss the ups and downs in the history of the field of genomics and where it is going from here.


Guests :
Eric Green, MD, PhD
Director, National Human Genome Research Institute

Chris Gunter, PhD
Senior Advisor to the NHGRI Director on Genomics Engagement

Hosts :
Julianna LeMieux, PhD
Senior Science Editor, GEN

Chris Anderson
Editor in Chief, Clinical OMICs

Alex Philippidis
Senior Business Writer. GEN

Webinar/Workshop organized by: GEN

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