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Friday, September 11 @ 6 PM


Join two of the world’s most extraordinary women Dr. Shohini Ghose and Dr. Archana Kamal as they explore where the future of technology lies and the significance of the quantum revolution for innovation and society.

The many breakthroughs in quantum mechanics is leading towards a technological revolution that is impacting computing, communication, healthcare, climate, finance, while also influencing the way our society functions.

This webinar will bring forth the knowledge of the right applications of quantum computing, and how it is helping the world come up with better technologies for the communities to flourish. As advances in nanotechnology drive the miniaturization of electronics, quantum effects which were once mere thoughts and ideas are now on the brink of real-world applications.


Dr. Archana Kamal, Quantum Explorer
Dr. Shohini Ghose, Quantum Physicist and Equity Advocate
John Rives, Poet & Storyteller

Webinar/Workshop organized by: TEDx

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