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Sunday, 20 Dec @ 11:00 AM


After the success of face2face with Varinder Bansal, it is time to take the Learning of making big money from the Stock Market to the next level. This Webinar will take the learners to the next level of identifying wealth-creating ideas in the Stock Market. The focus will be on the right process to which an individual investor can adapt and become independent by the real art and science behind proper investing. Multiple case studies will be discussed to see the hands-on application of the process on the real market.

Objective of the Webinar : 

360 degree understanding of How to Make Big Money in the Stock Market.

Prerequisites :
Basic knowledge of the stock market and financial statements.


a) Basic techniques of avoiding mistakes in equity markets
b) Learning about various cycles in markets & how to pick winners
c) Various screening process to identify under-valued cos
d) Avoid noise & learn actionable inputs


Vivek Bajaj (MBA(IIM Indore), ACA, ACS, M.Com) has been trading derivatives since 2002. He is the co-founder of one of the largest proprietary trading desks in India with over 150 traders. He is also co-founder of and StockEdge app. He is part of various committees of exchanges and has been an active contributor in the evolution of Derivative Market in India. He has been a speaker at various colleges and higher institutions including IIT and IIMs.

Varinder Bansal (MSc Finance & MBA Finance) has spent the last 15 years in Mumbai, learning from people across the spectrum, some of whom are his mentors, and applying his strong fundamental skills and hard-nosed number crunching and analytical skills to identify investment ideas. His strength in years of experience lies in identifying not-so-fashionable stock ideas. Most of these ideas have had a bedrock of strong fundamentals, superior balance sheets, and boasted of high-quality promoters. He has coupled this approach with the strong feedback mechanism, which is effective due to my deep-rooted connections with equity-market veterans and leaders of corporate India.

He has founded Omkara Capital Private Limited with the aim of creating an equitable wealth creation opportunity for retail investors. This will be backed by only & only data. Before Omkara, he was a fund manager at Pantomath where he & his team were ahead in identifying API themes. Before that, he worked as Corporate Editor and Head of Research at CNBC TV-18.
A true believer in karma, Varinder Bansal is a qualified MSc Finance & MBA Finance. He is more of a GARP (growth at a reasonable price) plus opportunistic investor (arbitrage opportunities/ deep value plays) rather than BAAP (buy-at-any-price) investor. His key learning ‘In God We Trust, All Others Must Bring Data’ by W Edwards Deming.

Webinar/Workshop organized by: elearnmarkets

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