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AI is proliferating in every aspect of marketing. But only a few marketers have readily embraced the integration of AI into their routine. Failure to capitalize on such advances will result in customer engagement levels far behind your tech-powered competitors. Making data-driven decisions and adopting hyper-personalization must be your goal as a marketer.
If this journey seems far from reality, we will help you make sense of it.


How AI is paving way for New Age Marketing
AI applications in Marketing: Uses Cases
How to get a head-start on integrating AI to reach your customers
How the AI-powered Marketing Programme by IIM Calcutta | TalentSprint will help you to stay relevant in marketing


Prashant Sanghameshwaran, Economic Tmes and

Aritro Bhattacharyya – Senior Director Sales & Marketing, TalentSprint

Prof. Shyam – Director, Centre for Sales and Customer Development

Webinar/Workshop organized by: TalentSprint

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